Mad World reviews and an interview

Hey all, a wonderful fan from the UK has reviewed Tunnelville (Mad World, Book 2) and interviewed Erin and me. Check out her site A Simple Book Blog From A Simple Reader!

Spoiler alert: she gives Tunnelville 4 out of 5 stars and mentions how much she hates one of our characters (in a good way!)

Here’s an excerpt: “Max, though. Max. I’m not sure about Max. He reminded me a little of a wet fish. I liked his voice and everything, and he interacted well, but he wasn’t as interesting as Astrid. I think its just a preference thing, but I wanted to slap him a few times, but that’s a good thing if you look at it from an optimists point of view, it means he’s lifelike and causes reactions.”


Tunnelville at Amazon and Barnes

Okay, so apparently when I said Tunnelville (Mad World, Book 2) was available exclusively at MuseItUp Publishing, that was only true for a couple hours. That’s what I get for making the announcement at 2 AM.

So yes, you can read the further adventures of Team Orphan at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, with other retailers coming quite soon.

And for those of you wondering, Mad World, Book Three is coming along nicely. The first draft is basically done. Title and other pertinent info coming soonish (let’s be honest, it’ll probably be in several months). In the meantime, check out Tunnelville‘s Goodreads page and let us know what you think by rating and reviewing.

Time running out to vote

Hey all, Wakefield is doing well in the P&E Reader’s poll so far. I wouldn’t say I’ve been “obsessively” checking the tally results, but it’s been quite often. We are currently in 5th place with only a few days left to go.

If you haven’t voted for Wakefield in the Young Adult section yet, please do here at this link.

In other news, I spent 10 hours yesterday revising a manuscript to get it ready to be submitted. Think I would have gone crazy staring at the word processor if I didn’t have a Weeds marathon playing on Netflix.

And in Mad World news, Erin and are I steadily chipping away at Book Three. First draft is roughly 85% done (note: that’s kind of an arbitrary number).

Wakefield update

We’re doing well on the Preditors and Editors poll. We’re in the top quarter out of 50 or so books. If you haven’t yet voted for Wakefield, here’s the link.

Wakefield is now available on two more bookstores. and True, Wakefield isn’t a romance novel, but it’s there nonetheless, which is fun.

If you haven’t liked, commented, or rated on Goodreads, here’s it’s page. I never used the site before Erin made a page, but it’s a fun site. It reminds me that I need to read so much more than I currently do. Maybe that’ll be my New Year’s resolution.

Happy New Year’s.

How do you create characters?

I figure I should blog more about Wakefield. So how about characters?

Erin and I created characters in three tiers:

1.) Leading Stars- We came up with our narrators and central characters for the story. Besides Astrid and Max, I don’t want to get into who we created for spoilery reasons, but this was the “let’s tell a story, who is it about, and who will they fight” stuff.

2.) Plot- We needed threshold villains. Read Joseph Campbell for a better description, but it’s basically the first person the hero faces before he (or she) can start out on the main quest. Both Astrid and Max have threshold villains, who fill vastly different roles in the book. Besides that, we had other characters to fulfill plot points.

3.) Setting- We devised a setting (Wakefield Facility), which dictated that there would be staff members, roommates, supervisors, teachers, etc. This brought us to the “who is Astrid’s roommate?”, “who teaches them English?”, “who’s the facility director?”, etc.

4.) Incidental- Everyone else who was created while writing. This included the random one chapter people and the flashback stuff. Some of them can become important. Some of them are vital to understanding characters and their relationship. Some of them are completely random and will never be mentioned again.

So there you have it. That’s how Erin and I jotted down our characters that first fateful night we returned from Borders and started writing with our scribe, Jerry.

As always, if you have any questions, direct them to and we’ll post a FAQ, and feel free to review us on and

Available on Smashwords

Hello, all. Just found out Wakefield was posted on the popular site Smashwords earlier this week. This is a site that sells books, and has been increasing in popularity over the last year or so, becoming a major seller.

You can see Wakefield’s page here.

Feel free to comment, like, share, review, and all that.

Also learned that we had a nice write up at Carpinello’s Writing Pages.