Super book sale

The Prodigies of YA II coverHey all, excited to share a fantastic sale iTunes is offering for the next month. It’s practically a bundleapooza because the iTunes bookstore is bundling hundreds of books together and selling them dirt cheap.

I’m happy to announce that Wakefield (Mad World, Book 1) was selected by our wonderful publisher, MuseItUp, to be included in a bundle of Young Adult e-books. So, for the next month, you can buy four full length YA novels for only .99 cents.

The bundle with Wakefield is Prodigies of YA II (because we’re in Muse’s second YA bundle). The four titles are:

Joshua’s Tree by N.W. Harris. Chased by flesh-eating mutants and aided by an overbearing warrior princess, brainy Joshua must save the future—from himself.

Relocated by Margaret Fieland. On planet Aleyne, a teenage boy discovers a terrorist plot and learns more than his own life is at risk.

Palace of the Twelve Pillars by Christina Weigand. When Prince Joachim is kidnapped and twin Brandan attempts a rescue, both will search their faith and familial loyalty.

Wakefield (Mad World, Book One) by Erin Callahan & Troy H. Gardner. Troubled teens Max and Astrid bond while questioning the true nature of the psychiatric treatment facility where they are forced to live.

As you can tell, there’s a variety of sub-genres here. Magic, fantasy, paranormal. You check it out here at the iStore.


Sylvanville Spirits lowered price

Hi all. I did some tweaking on the paperback version of The Sylvanville Spirits. Basically I adjusted the spacing (or leading for those in the biz), which resulted in a more professional look and less pages. Good news, since there’s less paper used to print it, I’m passing the savings on to you.


This YA mystery/horror is now available for the low price of $12.99. Let your friends know. You can find it here at Amazon.

Control Room released

The Control Room, my 12,000 horror story is now available as an ebook!

Control Room 333x500

The Locked Door Series is MuseItUp Publishing’s version of the Twilight Zone. Each short story stands alone, is written by a different author, and is meant to make you keep the lights on when you go to bed. In this story, recent college graduate Bethany finds herself living back at home and facing a mountain of school loans.

To make ends meet, Bethany accepts a job watching live footage from a supposedly haunted building. The owner wants them to find evidence of the ghost he believes killed his daughter decades before.

As the days progress and Bethany spends more time watching the residents of the apartment, she finds herself drawn deeper into the history of the building and the lives of its people.

When strange occurrences begin stacking up, Bethany suspects something paranormal may be happening in the old apartment building after all. Can she distance herself in time, or has the watcher already fallen under the apartment’s spell?

Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, the iTunes bookstore, Smashwords, MuseItUp Publishing, and lots more.

The Control Room pre-order

My upcoming horror ebook The Control Room is now available for pre-order at MuseItUp Publishing’s newly revamped bookstore. Check it out here. If you pre-order, you won’t have to remember when it’s released (Oct. 11) and you save 50 cents. Pretty good deal.

Control Room 333x500

A note on the bookstore: because of confusion with customers having multiple devices, if you buy any of their ebooks, you get access to the file in all platform types. So no one will accidentally buy it as a kindle if they want it on their iPad and then have to buy it again.

Sylvanville Spirits reviews

I’ve spotted a few more reviews for my free YA horror book. Thought I’d share.

On Amazon, where I’ve climbed to 1,304 in free Kindle books and the top 49 in horror: “I loved this book. Murder, mystery, urban legend, disappearances, ghosts, revenge … it had everything I loved. I really got into it and didn’t want to put it down. The only thing that confused me was why Paul Lynde’s ghost was there. LOL Other than that I loved the storyline.” 5 stars

On Barnes and Noble: “With an interesting story line, the writer has a good sense of direction without too many details to tie down the story.  Enough characters to give a variety and a good sense of a small town.  I enjoyed reading this book immensely.” 4 stars

And best of yet, a nice write-up at Horrific Knits, where blogger Katie wrote: “I really liked the way that this book went from sort of young adult goofy and descended into horror right at the end of the story. I have to admit to a fondness to this style of supernatural novels; I feel that it heightens the climax when the tone shifts this way. The characters are actually fairly believable as well, which I’ve found is one of my major critiques with indie horror novels-the characters have a tendency to come across as stilted and cardboard. Gardner’s characters avoid that issue.” Check out the link for the rest of her review.

As always, check out the free book and let me know what you think. Happy reading.

A few writing updates

Since I’ve put up the free ebook version of The Sylvanville Spirits on Amazon/kindle, “sales” have had a great increase and I’ve officially had over 550 downloads. On Amazon, it’s ranked 2,576 of all free books, which is the best number of anything I’ve seen. That’s out of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, by the way. It’s a fun, free read, so check it out and review.


In addition, we’ve been getting some great reviews on Wakefield at Goodreads, with Tunnelville reviews starting to come in. And for those of you waiting for Mad World, Book Three, we have a slightly ironed out second draft. Erin and I will probably revise it another 3 or 4 times before submitting it to our publisher, so it’s coming along nicely.

And this last month I wrote a 57,000 word YA novel I’m revising now. Get this – it’s not paranormal. Crazy for me, right?

Lastly, I’m about halfway through my follow-up to Examining Sleepaway Camp, which will be a collection of film essays centered around another horror series. This one should be out by the end of the year.