The award-winning No Sleep Podcast is a long-running audio dramatization of short horror stories from authors around the globe, narrated and performed by the NoSleep Players.

Season 11, episode 17 includes my story The Mystery of William Wilson, in which two unexpected visitors force a shut-in to face his past.

Season 12, episode 3 (2018 Christmas special) includes my story Pub Trivia, in which flight attendants duck into a London pub on Christmas Eve for an unusual evening.

Season 13, episode 15 includes my story The Mystery of Orville’s Portraits, which is a follow-up to my first NoSleep story.

I Didn't Break the Lamp cover

“When I was little, I didn’t have an imaginary friend, I had an imaginary bully. She was a little girl of my age, who looked just like me, and took great delight in being cruel. This included doing things to make my parents furious, like punching my little brother. One day, when I was about thirteen, Ludwig showed up and wrapped all two hundred of his copper-bladed arms around this evil version of me. There was a warm light, like a camera flash made of lava, and then she was gone.”– Sam Fleming, “Ludwig”

Are they in our imagination, or are we in theirs? Mad Scientist Journal has brought together twenty-six tales of people with uncertain existence. These accounts range from cheerful to dark, stopping off at frequent points between. Imaginary friends share space with witches, monsters, nightmares, and maybe a few things that have not yet been dreamed.

In my short, My Student’s Obsession, a young art teacher investigates the alarming behavior of her new student.

I Didn’t Break the Lamp – Historical Accounts of Imaginary Accquaintances is available at Amazon and other retailers.

This Book is Cursed cover

From Adam and Eve’s banishment from the Garden, to an emailed chain letter, the tale of curses has always been with us. Often, they are used to punish and spread suffering, far more sinister and harder to escape than a killer’s knife.What do you do when math itself becomes a trap? Or when you are certain your shadow is going to eat you? Or when someone’s mere presence can wither and blight?Perhaps these twenty-one stories are a warning that anything, no matter how small or benign, can be downright evil. Take care with these pages: this book is cursed.

In my short, The Clarkwalker, a recently divorced mother must confront her ex’s obsession with a strange painting to protect her fractured family.

This Book is Cursed is available at Amazon and other retailers.

13 Tales cover Kindle

Murder, mayhem, maniacs… these thirteen horror stories are guaranteed to give you night terrors!

Journey with us into the dark heart of horror as authors from around the globe reveal their deepest fears. From Scotland and England across the Atlantic to the USA, we meet a pair of twins with a sick sense of humor, a troubled family tormented by ghosts, and a man who keeps a chupacabra as a pet. Plus a department store massacre, a terrifying costumed stalker, and much, much more.

I had the great pleasure of co-editing (along with Joshua Winning, author of The Sentinel Trilogy and Vicious Rumer) this international horror collection from American and British authors. I also wrote two of the tales:

In Blackened Fireworks, a high schooler learns a valuable lesson about drinking and driving.

In Waiting For the Wolf, a college student runs across a dangerous mascot.

13 Tales to Give You Night Terrors is available as a FREE ebook at Amazon and Smashwords and other online retailers.