New cover announcement

Hi all. I recently received the cover for Three May Days (Evermore Island, Book Three). This one is releasing April 11 from MuseItUp Publishing. You can pre-order it now and save 50 cents. Pretty sweet.

Three May Days - Evermore Island 333x500

Blurb: On the hard-to-find Evermore Island, where mythical creatures live and work, May Day is a much beloved holiday. Fairy tale creatures celebrate with songs, parties, and feasts. And just like any other holiday, May Day means family obligations.

The fairy Abelone, secretary for Cupid, has recently started dating Joe, a handsome half-giant/half-dwarf. The two have kept their relationship a secret. The upcoming holiday seems like the perfect time to introduce each other to their families.

With gruff and over-eager families, confused friends, and lies to keep track of, how will the happy couple survive three May Days?

And in the meantime, you can check out the first two book (Guardian of Cupid’s Heart and Guardian of Suffrage Celebration) at Amazon.


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