I got interviewed!

This was a fun first for me. I’d like to share an interview Erin and I did with Roberta at Offbeat YA, a great blog about young adult books. She’s read and reviewed Wakefield (Mad World, Book 1) and Tunnelville (Mad World, Book 2) and asked us if we wouldn’t mind answering some questions about the writing process and our thoughts on some of the characters.

Check it out at this link.


The Control Room pre-order

My upcoming horror ebook The Control Room is now available for pre-order at MuseItUp Publishing’s newly revamped bookstore. Check it out here.¬†If you pre-order, you won’t have to remember when it’s released (Oct. 11) and you save 50 cents. Pretty good deal.

Control Room 333x500

A note on the bookstore: because of confusion with customers having multiple devices, if you buy any of their ebooks, you get access to the file in all platform types. So no one will accidentally buy it as a kindle if they want it on their iPad and then have to buy it again.

Check out the MuseItUp bookstore

MuseItUp publishing has completely revamped their website and bookstore. It’s got a great look and is still getting tweaked/updated, but I thought I’d share it with you. Here’s a link to my page.

I also have a release date for The Control Room, my upcoming short ghost story: October 11. More on that coming very soon.

Cheaper Sleepaway Camp ebook

Good news for those of you who haven’t purchased the ebook edition of Examining Sleepaway Camp: An Unauthorized Dissection of the Cult Horror Series yet. It’s now available at the low price of $2.99.

Check it out at Amazon.


Blurb: In this unauthorized book, author Troy H. Gardner casts an analytical eye on the Sleepaway Camp series, a horror franchise that has amassed a cult following.

Gardner calls upon a variety of film theory techniques to examine the iconic Angela Baker. Essays include close readings of the films, the Final Girl trope, the roles of water and the camp setting, character studies of Ricky and Judy, the horredy trend, and many more.

This fun collection is perfect for any Sleepaway Camp fan, film theorist, or horror lover.

Another short story contract

I just signed another contract with MuseItUp, this one for the third in my forthcoming fantasy series Evermore Island. The first story is scheduled around December I think, so much more detail coming soon.

In other news, Mad World Book Three is coming along nicely. Erin and I are in the final steps before submitting the manuscript to the publisher, so we’re right on track with the random deadlines we assigned ourselves and which have no repercussions if we miss. So that’s a relief.

And in last news, I’m about 2/3 done with my next horror film essay book, which I’m planning on releasing through Smashwords and Amazon by the end of the year.