Sylvanville Spirits reviews

I’ve spotted a few more reviews for my free YA horror book. Thought I’d share.

On Amazon, where I’ve climbed to 1,304 in free Kindle books and the top 49 in horror: “I loved this book. Murder, mystery, urban legend, disappearances, ghosts, revenge … it had everything I loved. I really got into it and didn’t want to put it down. The only thing that confused me was why Paul Lynde’s ghost was there. LOL Other than that I loved the storyline.” 5 stars

On Barnes and Noble: “With an interesting story line, the writer has a good sense of direction without too many details to tie down the story.  Enough characters to give a variety and a good sense of a small town.  I enjoyed reading this book immensely.” 4 stars

And best of yet, a nice write-up at Horrific Knits, where blogger Katie wrote: “I really liked the way that this book went from sort of young adult goofy and descended into horror right at the end of the story. I have to admit to a fondness to this style of supernatural novels; I feel that it heightens the climax when the tone shifts this way. The characters are actually fairly believable as well, which I’ve found is one of my major critiques with indie horror novels-the characters have a tendency to come across as stilted and cardboard. Gardner’s characters avoid that issue.” Check out the link for the rest of her review.

As always, check out the free book and let me know what you think. Happy reading.


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