Another four star review

Just wanted to share a four star review I got on The Locked Door from Readers’ Favorite:

“The Locked Door by Troy H. Gardner is the story of a day off gone wrong, very wrong. Real estate agent Nina gets called in by her boss to cover for another agent who simply did not turn up. Nina has to show a house that had been occupied by a rather unusual person to a couple but they discover a door in the basement that cannot be opened because Nina does not have the right key. Nina finds this quite odd as the key should have been on the key-ring she had received from her boss. The couple who is interested in the house would also like to know more about why the house is so cheap and who lived in there before. Nina promised to find out and a visit to the neighbor of the house brings a few interesting details to light. But what is behind that door and why did the other agent really disappear?

The Locked Door is a story that can be read in one go and most likely every reader will do just that. The writing flows well and the reader will also be very interested in learning about the former inhabitant and the secret behind the door and how it will influence the day that was supposed to be Nina’s day off. Troy H. Gardner wrote a really nice story that entertains the reader and makes you want to read more like that. I also liked the fact that his ending is a classic horror book ending (the kind of ending that makes you think “What? And now? Really?”) even though the book itself isn’t that scary. ”

You can also check out The Locked Door on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


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