Tunnelville at Amazon and Barnes

Okay, so apparently when I said Tunnelville (Mad World, Book 2) was available exclusively at MuseItUp Publishing, that was only true for a couple hours. That’s what I get for making the announcement at 2 AM.

So yes, you can read the further adventures of Team Orphan at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, with other retailers coming quite soon.

And for those of you wondering, Mad World, Book Three is coming along nicely. The first draft is basically done. Title and other pertinent info coming soonish (let’s be honest, it’ll probably be in several months). In the meantime, check out Tunnelville‘s Goodreads page and let us know what you think by rating and reviewing.


Tunnelville (Mad World, Book Two) released!

Good news, everyone, the sequel to Wakefield is now ready for you to read and enjoy. Right now the ebook is being sold exclusively at this link at MuseItUp Publishing, and it will be added to major retailers (like Amazon and Barnes & Noble, etc.) shortly.

And I already made a page for it on Goodreads, where you can add it to your bookshelf and eventually comment/rate it, so check it out.

Tunnelville 333x500

Blurb: Following their panicked escape from Wakefield, Astrid Chalke, Max Fisher, and their friends find themselves adrift and on the run in western Massachusetts. After picking up a young thief with a complex philosophy, and dealing with the pains of prescription drug withdrawal, they make their way to Boston.

Drained by a long trek to the city, the damaged teens settle in an underground tunnel community—a city below the city that appears to lie on the fringes of both the world above and the world of magic. Among the eccentric tunnel folk, they encounter the fabulous Angie DeVille, a self-made hipster and socialite who takes them under her neon wing and envelops them in her breathless and fast paced life.

Funded by a seemingly ruthless organization, the relentless Dr. Lycen is tasked to hunt down the Wakefield escapees. But as Astrid and Max eke out a meager existence in their new home and do their best to stay off Dr. Lycen’s radar, they learn that new and even more harrowing threats might be lurking just over the horizon.

For more, check out the MadWorldSeries.com.

Read free ebooks

Hi all, my publisher, MuseItUp, is creating exclusive Facebook groups to read their upcoming titles for free in exchange for reviews. I wanted to pass this opportunity on to you while there are some openings left. Here’s the press release from Lea, the owner of Muse:

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New retailers and reviews

Hi all, just wanted to share with you new places to get a few of my ebooks.

Examining Sleepaway Camp: An Unauthorized Dissection of the Cult Horror Series is now available at Barnes & Noble and Kobo. This is my non-fiction analysis of horror films centered on Sleepaway Camp.

The Sylvanville Spirits is now free at Kobo. This is my horror novel and it’s gotten two 5 star reviews at Smashwords so far, so check it out. Here’s what strangers who read it said:

“What a great read, could not put it down!! Real creepy. I would recomend this book!!!”

“Great storyline and character development. Not sure how I feel about the ending but I am hoping it leads to a follow-up book :)”