Free book released

Hi all. I decided to self-publish for free the ebook version of a YA horror novel I wrote, about 55,000 words, called The Sylvanville Spirits. I nearly drove myself crazy figuring out all the formatting needed, but I got there. Right now, you can download this for free at Smashwords, and it should be available at other retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble next week.

For those of you who like holding books in your hand and/or don’t have an ereader, then you can buy a paperback version at Amazon. I found a few extra gray hairs after spending an entire day formatting for that one.


Blurb: Welcome to Sylvanville, NH, a town with bored teenagers and a ghost in the woods. When a NY author comes to town to investigate paranormal sightings, a decades old mystery is reignited, leading to a series of disappearances and a deadly, shocking conclusion.


A new book contract

Happy to announce I signed a new book contract with MuseItUp for a short comedy/fantasy called Guardian of Cupid’s Heart, in which a forest elf/office drone ventures to NYC to fill in for the missing Cupid to play matchmaker for two quarrelsome news anchors.

We’re aiming for a January/February release. I’ll keep you posted.

Wakefield at Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and the iStore

Did you know there are other places to read Wakefield (Mad World, Book One) other than Amazon? Well now you do.

Besides the iStore, check out Wakefield at Barnes & Noble and Kobo.

Wakefield Book CoverAs a reminder, Wakefield (Mad World, Book One) introduces Astrid Chalke and Max Fisher, orphans who bond over shared circumstances when they meet at a privately run institution for teens with psychiatric and behavioral problems. Just as the two start to settle into a tolerable routine at Wakefield, a colorful boy with delusions of the supernatural threatens to shatter the status quo.

New Mad World ad

Hey all, I want to share with you our new Mad World Series ad, courtesy of Erin’s photoshop skills. Feel more than free to copy and share and check out the updated site.


New horror story contracted!

I recently signed a contract at MuseItUp Publishing for my short horror book The Control Room. For those who said, “I liked The Locked Door, but it was too short,” then you’ll be pleased to know The Control Room is a few thousand words longer. It’s scheduled for release shortly before Halloween.

More on the story in a few months. And for those waiting for Tunnelville (Mad World, Book Two), things are progressing nicely for our probable June release. More on that front soon.

Wakefield Four Star Review

Sarah at TotalTeenFiction posted a wonderful, four star review of Wakefield (Mad World, Book One).

My favorite part of the review: “The ending of this book blew me away and I’d definitely be interested in reading the next book. It was a pleasantly surprising read with plenty of action and suspense! And a book I would definitely recommend.”

Check it out.

Diabetes Research Auction

Hi all, proud to announce that Wakefield (Mad World, Book One) is part of a bundle of Young Adult e-books being auctioned at Brenda Novak’s Annual Online Auction For Diabetes Research.

This is obviously a great cause to participate in. There are tons of items to bid on from various organizations. Here’s a direct link to the bundle with Wakefield, but check out all the wonderful categories.

The bidding opened May 1 and ends May 31.