Another bookseller

On my continuing quest to keep you informed of various places you can purchase Mad World, Book One: Wakefield from, I bring you OmniLit. This is large on-line retailer with an emphasis on romance but plenty of YA and other genre titles. Here’s Wakefield’s page.


We came in strong

The P&E reader’s choice votes have been tallied and Wakefield came in sixth place in the Young Adult category (there were a little over 50 books entered). Thanks for all the votes and support!

Maybe Tunnelville will place higher next year.

Time running out to vote

Hey all, Wakefield is doing well in the P&E Reader’s poll so far. I wouldn’t say I’ve been “obsessively” checking the tally results, but it’s been quite often. We are currently in 5th place with only a few days left to go.

If you haven’t voted for Wakefield in the Young Adult section yet, please do here at this link.

In other news, I spent 10 hours yesterday revising a manuscript to get it ready to be submitted. Think I would have gone crazy staring at the word processor if I didn’t have a Weeds marathon playing on Netflix.

And in Mad World news, Erin and are I steadily chipping away at Book Three. First draft is roughly 85% done (note: that’s kind of an arbitrary number).