“How’s the book going?”

A lot of people have been asking me “How’s the book going?” so I’ll give you the answer: I have no idea.

I’ll get the royalty and sales figures about a month after the quarter ends, so until then, all I have to go on is “Amazon Best Sellers Rank: # Paid in Kindle Store” figures.

I don’t know how their algorithm works, and it doesn’t factor in anything sold through MuseItUp’s own bookstore, but it can fluctuate two hundred thousand spaces a day. Slowly that ranking has been going back up and down in increasingly lower digits.

Today, I found it at an all time best of 59,430. Seems high, but that’s out of all the Kindle books available on Amazon, well over 1,250,000 titles.

Sure I’m a writer, but I have plenty of math experience, so I’ve deduced that at this moment, we’re doing better than at least 1,190,570 other Kindle books. Not too shabby for first time authors.

If you want to help us climb higher, feel free to buy a copy for yourself, or a gift, at Amazon.com.


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