Wakefield update

We’re doing well on the Preditors and Editors poll. We’re in the top quarter out of 50 or so books. If you haven’t yet voted for Wakefield, here’s the link.

Wakefield is now available on two more bookstores. Bookstrand.com and CoffeeTimeRomance.com. True, Wakefield isn’t a romance novel, but it’s there nonetheless, which is fun.

If you haven’t liked, commented, or rated on Goodreads, here’s it’s page. I never used the site before Erin made a page, but it’s a fun site. It reminds me that I need to read so much more than I currently do. Maybe that’ll be my New Year’s resolution.

Happy New Year’s.


Wakefield Nominated

Wakefield has been nominated for a P&E Readers Award in the Young Adult category! Preditors and Editors is a prestigious site that started in 1997 as a resource for writers to avoid scam publishers. It’s a great site and lots of fun to be nominated with plenty of wonderful authors.

Feel free to vote for Wakefield here at P&E. The process involves clicking a bubble, writing your e-mail, and then validating the vote from your e-mail (to avoid ballot stuffing). They don’t give your e-mail out to third parties.

Don’t delay, vote today 🙂

How do you create characters?

I figure I should blog more about Wakefield. So how about characters?

Erin and I created characters in three tiers:

1.) Leading Stars- We came up with our narrators and central characters for the story. Besides Astrid and Max, I don’t want to get into who we created for spoilery reasons, but this was the “let’s tell a story, who is it about, and who will they fight” stuff.

2.) Plot- We needed threshold villains. Read Joseph Campbell for a better description, but it’s basically the first person the hero faces before he (or she) can start out on the main quest. Both Astrid and Max have threshold villains, who fill vastly different roles in the book. Besides that, we had other characters to fulfill plot points.

3.) Setting- We devised a setting (Wakefield Facility), which dictated that there would be staff members, roommates, supervisors, teachers, etc. This brought us to the “who is Astrid’s roommate?”, “who teaches them English?”, “who’s the facility director?”, etc.

4.) Incidental- Everyone else who was created while writing. This included the random one chapter people and the flashback stuff. Some of them can become important. Some of them are vital to understanding characters and their relationship. Some of them are completely random and will never be mentioned again.

So there you have it. That’s how Erin and I jotted down our characters that first fateful night we returned from Borders and started writing with our scribe, Jerry.

As always, if you have any questions, direct them to madworldseries.gmail.com and we’ll post a FAQ, and feel free to review us on Goodreads.com and Amazon.com.

Available on Smashwords

Hello, all. Just found out Wakefield was posted on the popular site Smashwords earlier this week. This is a site that sells books, and has been increasing in popularity over the last year or so, becoming a major seller.

You can see Wakefield’s page here.

Feel free to comment, like, share, review, and all that.

Also learned that we had a nice write up at Carpinello’s Writing Pages.

“How’s the book going?”

A lot of people have been asking me “How’s the book going?” so I’ll give you the answer: I have no idea.

I’ll get the royalty and sales figures about a month after the quarter ends, so until then, all I have to go on is “Amazon Best Sellers Rank: # Paid in Kindle Store” figures.

I don’t know how their algorithm works, and it doesn’t factor in anything sold through MuseItUp’s own bookstore, but it can fluctuate two hundred thousand spaces a day. Slowly that ranking has been going back up and down in increasingly lower digits.

Today, I found it at an all time best of 59,430. Seems high, but that’s out of all the Kindle books available on Amazon, well over 1,250,000 titles.

Sure I’m a writer, but I have plenty of math experience, so I’ve deduced that at this moment, we’re doing better than at least 1,190,570 other Kindle books. Not too shabby for first time authors.

If you want to help us climb higher, feel free to buy a copy for yourself, or a gift, at Amazon.com.

Wakefield questions

I thought earlier today that I wish I had something to blog about. Then I remembered, that I have a young adult novel out for release. There’s tons of stuff to talk about that.

So I’m officially announcing the Wakefield question fun-ganza. My co-author, Erin, and I would love to hear fan/reader/casual acquaintance/etc. questions concerning Wakefield/writing/getting published/etc.

E-mail us at madworldseries@gmail.com any such questions/comments/concerns/queries/conundrums you have and after we receive a few, we’ll make a Youtube answer video or blog or something fun with them.

As always, visit us at MadWorldSeries.com and check out our Amazon page.

Announcing self-published book

Hey gang,
As mentioned previously, I wrote a book that I self-published. This means I took care of the writing, cover, book-layout, format, etc. myself. I started the project around April of this year, and it was finalized and on the Amazon and Kindle stores in November. What began as a ‘hey, I’ve got some free time in between editing and writing projects’ became ‘wow, I need to dedicate tons of time figuring formatting out.’

Examining Sleepaway Camp: An Unauthorized Dissection of the Cult Horror Series is the result. This is a collection of essays written about the Sleepaway Camp movie series.

I do not recommend reading these without seeing at least the first movie in the series, as it would spoil the first one for you.

For links to various bookstores and the Kindle store, visit MadWorldSeries.com.

And to answer those questions: yes, this is a physical paperback book you can hold in your hands.