Locked Door cover

I keep thinking, “I really need to post more on my blog” and I get ready to, but then I get edits in on a story or figure out what I need to do to format something that takes four hours and then I don’t feel like writing anymore.

So in the spirit of updates, I want to share the cover for my short horror story, The Locked Door, that I received today from the always wonderful to work with C.K. Volnek. Check her site out at http://www.CKVolnek.com.

The story is set for around March of next year, so of course more when the time nears. Without further ado, here’s the cover in giant, hi-def resolution.


Wakefield sequel

November 9, 2011, I signed my contract for Wakefield at MuseItUp Publishing. What better way to celebrate the anniversary than by signing the contract for the sequel? I’m taking it as a good sign that I received the second contract exactly one year to the day.

That means, yes, you’ll all have to buy another one of my books next year 🙂

Mad World, Book Two: Tunnelville is tentatively scheduled for June, 2013. I’ll post the cover and more details once they are created. And now Erin and I have to work on the third book.

In other news, my self-published film theory book is nearly ready. This will be available in paperback and as an e-book on the Kindle. It’s a fun collection of essays I wrote concerning horror movies. More on that in the next week or so when it’s ready.

Red Cross donation

The other day I thought, wouldn’t it be great if I could donate to the Red Cross to help the Hurricane Sandy relief effort, and then I heard from my publisher, MuseIt Up, that they will be donating ten percent of book sales from the entire month of November to the Red Cross.

Even if you’ve picked up a copy of Wakefield, now is the time to peruse MuseItUp’s bookstore. They have a lot of wonderful stories from talented people.

Check them out at http://www.museituppublishing.com and updates to our Wakefield site at http://www.madworldseries.com.