You sit at home dreaming of writing a book and getting it published, and then it actually happens and you realize there’s a whole lot more to it. We’re now in the whole ‘our book is out, now we need to advertise’ phase of things.

We’ve sent submissions for reviews and interviews to a number of sites, and we’ve got the first chapter posted at D. Renee Bagby Presents YA First Chapters. Feel free to stop by and check out that site.


Wakefield released

This past Friday, Mad World, Book One: Wakefield, was released at the MuseItUp Publishing bookstore. I was informed by the publisher that she sent it out to second party vendors, and found that it was posted at last night. Of course I’ve already put the book in my iPad library and spent way too long scanning through the pages, amazed that it’s a real book.

To help promote the book, I created this fun animated video from

The teaser reached 100 views, so as promised, an update on Wakefield’s sequel. Tentatively titled Mad World, Book Two: Tunnelville, the manuscript was submitted to our publishers a few weeks ago. It’s a tad longer than Wakefield and really expands the world.

We’ll be working on more promotional aspects for the book and I’ll post reviews once they come pouring in.