Announcing new contract

I just received a contract for a short story I wrote called The Locked Door. Very excited that in March, 2013, I’ll go from being a published author to being a multiple published author. Guess I’ll have to get new business cards printed.

This one is a horror story about a realtor called in to sell a foreclosure. I’ll update with cover and more info as it comes along.


Wakefield Cover and Misc. Update

Wakefield Book Cover

I am very pleased with how this turned out. Our talented cover artist, C.K. Volnek, was fun to work with and turned out a great piece that sets the mood of the story. I absolutely love the ‘Wakefield’ font.

In other news, this past week I’ve heard some promising things concerning two short stories I wrote. Hopefully in another week or so I can share some real info on both of those (one’s a fantasy/romance, the other is horror). Slightly too early to jinx myself though.