Well my last post was about covers, so I’ll continue with that thread. Last week Erin and I heard from our cover artist, the talented author/artist C.K. Volnek (www.ckvolnek.com) and went over the characters and setting, etc. with her. I was pleasantly surprised to receive an awesome mock-up for the cover of Wakefield today. I think as a first draft, so to speak, it’s fantastic and I can’t wait to show it off. We have a couple little tweaks to suggest, and then C.K. will finalize it and I can post it here and on Facebook.

It’s a thrill to have someone else bring such great work to your project. It’s as if now that we’re getting a cover that it feels more real to me.

On the manuscript front, we should only have one more round of revisions before the actual book is finalized.

On other fronts, Erin and I are nearly done with the sequel to Wakefield, I sent my self-publishing secretive manuscript which I’m being secretive for no reason to an expert on the field for a book cover blurb, I submitted a short story in a genre I’ve never really written before, and I completed the first draft of a short horror story I hope to submit by month’s end. All of that means: fingers crossed.

More to come when I remember that I have this blog and jot something down.


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