Tunnel vision

The editing process has begun! A month ago Erin and I heard from our editor, and we’ve been hard at work revising Wakefield. It’s such a breath of fresh air to have a really knowledgeable professional read your manuscript and give you new input. Already the book is stronger, and I can tell that it’s just going to get tighter as we go along. Last night I completely rewrote a small section and it came out so much better than the original version. I’m really excited about fixing this weak part and forging a more professional novel.

In other news, I’ve started working on a series of essays concerning one of my favorite horror series. The goal is to self-publish on CreateSpace and sell through that and Amazon. I’ve got about 70 pages done and need to write another 30 or so. More to come as I get closer to finishing the project.

In still other news, I’ve sent out a manuscript for a horror/thriller/comedy novella I recently completed. Should it get picked up, there will be a post with many exclamation marks.

In the last bit of other news yet, I’ve been working on making an animated trailer for Wakefield. I need to figure out the technical details, but it’s a quick, silly little teaser video that I hope to post before too long.


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