A contract!

As a gentleman of leisure who has been acquiring several rejection letters from prospective employers and publishers, I woke today with one thought on my mind: I’ll check the internet for pop culture news. I’ve been checking sleepawaycampfilms.com every day to see when the next entry in the cult horror series will be released (any day now fans tells ourselves, any day), and see if last night’s GOP debate effected the polls at all. Nothing really exciting in either department.

And then I checked my e-mail, and immediately found two messages from my writing partner, Erin. Whenever she gets rejection letters from publishers she’s kind enough to forward them to me so I, too, can sulk. We had been waiting what seemed like months to hear back from MuseItUp Publishing, one of the e-publishers that we submitted our novel Wakefield to. It must have been a month and a half since we wrote to them, and we were on the brink of e-mailing for an update, but we didn’t want to jinx our luck. No news is good news, right?

It wasn’t a rejection! I read the e-mail very slowly at least twice. I was speechless, which is a bit of a feat for me. The woman from MuseItUp said she loved the book and sent us a contract to publish it electronically. Meaning Wakefield, the novel Erin and I spent the last few years working on, will finally be available to the public. It will be several months down the road (content and line editing has to happen, as well as cover art to be created), but I am finally well on the road to becoming a published author.


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